• Central Victorian Property Maintenance Services

Welcome to CVP.

CVP evolved from humble beginnings back in 2002 to become one of Bendigo’s premier maintenance companies.

If you need help cleaning and maintaining your home or office, it is important you can rely on the company hired to provide the services. Here at CVP your security and peace of mind are our priority so we ensure that all our tradesmen and women are screened and insured for damages.

Having serviced Bendigo’s homes and offices for over 15 years we have built our range of services based on what we know locals want to keep their homes and offices looking their best! Offering so much more than just cleaning we can help you with just about any task related to the maintenance of your home or office!

We are extremely aware of the sensitive nature of trauma cleaning, we’ll do our best to make you comfortable.

The CVP team carries out its duties with great sensitivity and professionalism and you can rest assured that they will respect your privacy during what is likely to be a difficult time.

After a traumatic incident has occurred you’ll want to rid yourself of all reminders of said trauma as soon as possible. CVP prides itself on its efficient service and the team will do its best to provide a fast turn around so you can focus on moving on.

Property Maintenance

Commercial & Residential Cleaning

  • End of Lease Cleaning Specialist
  • Mowing/Slashing all sizes
  • Property Maintenance / Large or Small / Commercial or Residential
  • Painting, Plastering, Electrical & Tiling
  • Glass/Window repairs & replacements
  • Carpet/Vinyl repairs & laying
  • Qualified & Experienced Tradesmen

WorkSafe accredited. A Company with external accreditation  for Quality, Health & Safety & Environmental to Australian Standards.

Crime, Trauma and Suicide Clean up / Remediation

When a death or injury has occurred it is a very traumatic time for everyone involved regardless of the circumstances. Our Technicians are highly trained and have the knowledge and appropriate equipment to safely remediate these scenes if they have been contaminated with Bio hazardous or infectious waste, so as to take the burden and emotional stress away from family and friends faced with the task of cleaning up a trauma scene. All our vehicles are unmarked to allow maximum discretion. We offer 24/7 Emergency Response to ensure that family, friends and others can return to their property as soon as possible

Prison / Holding Cell Cleaning

CVP currently do contract work for the Department of Justice in providing Trauma/Biohazard cleaning and remediation following crime and Suicide scenes. We also provide assistance to the Police force and Prisons when the need arises to ensure that any Biohazards, such as Blood-borne pathogens and faeces are safely disposed of and that any areas exposed are decontaminated and restored to a safe and sanitarystandard. We offer 24/7 Emergency Response to ensure that your operational capacity can return to normal ASAP.

Sewerage Intrusions

Sewerage can be quite dangerous if not handled and disposed of correctly. Most people are unaware of the high risks of it containing infectious viruses, bacteria and parasites and also toxic and allergenic materials. It is possible for it to cause disease and infections from direct and also indirect contact. Because of the high risk of contamination, all porous items that come into contact with Sewerage tainted water must be disposed of correctly. Items that are non-porous can usually be cleaned and sanitized by our Technicians

Deceased Estates

When we are faced with grief following the death of a loved one it is quite often too hard to face the daunting task of cleaning and sorting of the deceased estate. Our staff can take away some or the entire burden, by providing the management and skills needed to clean, sort and prepare a property for sale or for other future plans for the property.

Hoarder / Trash House Remediation

We focus our attention on our clients individual needs as we understand that the whole process of remediation of a hoarder or Trash house can be extremely stressful and overwhelming for our clients and often their families. Our process starts with working with our clients to write up a plan of what we want to achieve together, which includes what we need to sort through, removal of items and the cleaning and sanitizing process and also the cost that will be involved. Then moving forward, we can all work together to achieve our goals of remediation. Once remediation has been finished within the property, we can continue to work with clients if necessary to make sure that they have ongoing support and guidance to achieve continued success in their hoarder/trash house rehabilitation process.